What does your favorite homemade popcorn say about you? We asked this question to the folks on the support team at Wholeshare and decided to share our favorites with you. And, for the record, the responses to this questions lead to some seriously passionate responses. When it comes to our favorite homemade popcorn, we mean business.


I will start with myself. I’m sort of like the person who chooses vanilla ice cream, but in the popcorn realm. People think vanilla is a plain flavor and the base of all ice cream. In reality, the flavor vanilla stands as it’s own flavor, and it’s no less complex than rocky road or mint chip. As Renee would say, “Folks don’t understand ‘the bean.’”

I digress

Monique: The Traditionalist

My go-to homemade popcorn is air popped with salted butter and sea salt. This is not “plain” popcorn, it’s just a simple recipe. The trick is to melt your butter in a pyrex pitcher and add it little by little, also adding some salt each time you drizzle on the butter. Make sure to toss in between! Once you’ve used all the butter, scoop popcorn into the pyrex a few times to get the leftover butter in the pitcher (this is key). Voila, you have perfect popcorn each time. This is my favorite, guilt-free evening snack.

As for Renee, she likes to get a bit crazier than myself.

Renee: The Weekender

Renee claims she only enjoys homemade popcorn on the weekend. I guess we just have to take her word for it. Renee takes a traditional approach with a twist. Her recipe includes popcorn on the stovetop heated with sunflower seed oil. It may take a few tries to get good at not burning it. Then come the butter drizzle, salt, and garlic powder. If you’re just venturing outside of the traditional popcorn ways, this is great place to start. Renee likes to treat herself to homemade popcorn on the weekends.

Next on the list also takes things to another level, and speaks to the sweet-toothed out there.

Jessica: Sweet & Salty Goodness

Jessica’s popcorn is a special treat, but nonetheless a huge hit. This popcorn starts by being air popped to perfection. Then comes the good stuff: apply salted butter and raisinets to your fluffy, white kernels. This recipe speaks to Jessica because when she does something, she likes to do it right and takes pride in making things delicious.

Danielle brings it home on this one.

Danielle: The Wild One

Danielle brings the heat. If you shared an office with her, you too would understand her passion for buffalo wings and salsa. What can we say, the girl likes some kick. This recipe is for someone who can appreciate some cajun heat. Pop your corn on the stovetop with olive oil. Start with drizzling in your butter, and add cajun seasoning and a generous serving of parm cheese. Really toss up this mixture to make sure your ingredients are spread evenly.

That does it! You know our popcorn secrets, and we hope you take the time to enjoy one of our favorites next time you reach for the kernels.

Share your recipes and suggestions below!

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