diy cleaner recipes

Good news, guys. These natural, chemical-free cleaners only require a few key ingredients to get the job done. It also doesn’t hurt that these ingredients are probably already in your pantry. They’ll just need a little bit of mixin’ up. Before you get started, secure a few empty mason jars, spray bottles, bowls, measuring tools, and scrubbing sponges.

If you are having a hard time saying goodbye to the scent of your former cleaners, consider diffusing an essential oil while you clean for a fresh, natural aroma. We love diffusing citrus oils and spritzing around some homemade rose water for a newly energized space. Alternatively, you can also add the oils directly to any of the recipes below. An added benefit is that this gives you free reign to make your living room smell like a lavender field, rose garden, or peppermint palace. However, if you prefer to keep things simple and are just looking for some added air purification, consider introducing houseplants like the Boston Fern, Peace Lillies, or Mums. Now that you’ve got that all down, say hello to the natural cleaning staples below. When possible, choose organic variations of these items.

Baking Soda
Olive Oil
Castile Soap
Dish Soap

Now that you’ve collected your goods, check out these 6 recipes for a natural, chemical-free, and non-toxic home cleaning session.

Simple All Purpose Cleaner That Actually Works

Garbage Disposal Freshener with Essential Oils

Clean Your Drains With Baking Soda and Vinegar Surprise

Homemade Shower Cleaner

Clean Your Microwave with Just a Lemon

6 Ways to Clean with Olive Oil

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