It’s that time of year when we are stuck in limbo between winter and spring… We take the scrapers out of our cars, just to realize we still need them for the occasional frost or freezing rain. We contemplate wearing rains boots, winter boots, or breaking out our (definitely not waterproof) spring footwear. Although there is no perfect apparel or supplies to get us through these muddy weeks, there is nothing stopping you from firing up the grill. I know we haven’t quite packed away our winter gear, so warmth should be a non-issue. Bundle up and grab your favorite beverage because it’s never too soon to gear up for grilling season.

The first key decision to make when grilling is what type of meat you’re using, and how to prepare it. Our favorite picks around the Support Team office are “No-Flip Chicken” and London broil (top round). We are also huge fans of veggies on the grill and using salt blocks while grilling. As a place to start, check out what fresh meats are available from your Wholeshare vendors.


No-Flip Chicken has become a staple in my household. A family friend introduced us to this method, and I haven’t grilled my chicken another way since. The name is straightforward – this chicken is simple and easy because there is no flipping required. You’ll want a bone-in chicken breast that has been marinated with your favorite seasoned salt. Heat your grill to no hotter than 200°. You’ll grill the chicken for about 20 minutes. Don’t flip the chicken! And don’t be tempted to open the grill to check in on it. Keeping it covered is key. At around 15 minutes, you’ll want to poke in your meat thermometer until the chicken is fully cooked. The magical thing that happens is the grill-side of the chicken is well done, and it traps the juices from dripping down into the grill. If you were to flip the chicken, all the juices would escape. To avoid dry chicken at all costs, this is your way to go.

If you’re doing a London broil, AKA top round steak, the key to success is how you salt it. First, you want to dab your steak dry of any liquid with a paper towel. Generously apply salt – I prefer sea salt – to every side of the steak and refrigerate it for a couple hours in plastic wrap. Once it’s done its time in the fridge, wipe off the salt and let the steak warm up to room temp.

Heat your grill to 150° and grill your steak for no longer than 10 minutes on each side. You should feel free to use a meat thermometer for this one too. Once you pull it off the grill, let it stand for 10 minutes before cutting. Use your leftovers for a “black and bleu” salad (my favorite).

The second big decision to make is what veggies to include. My favorite, quick and dirty, way to do veggies on the grill is using a vegetable basket. I typically go for onions, peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini and prep them by tossing with olive oil, salt & pepper. Find out what fresh produce is available through your Wholeshare vendors. Heat your basket on the grill and toss in your assorted veggies while you have your meat going. You absolutely can’t go wrong doing it this way.


Pexels, Creative Commons

A bit more fancy way to do your veggies on the grill is using bamboo skewers. Soak these in water ahead of time, and slide on your favorite vegetables. Onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and zucchini go great together.

Don’t forget about salt blocks! These things are great, and can be used for just about anything. Slowly heat your salt block on the grill before using. You can grill your steak on it, skewers, fish — anything you can think of. It will give your meat and veggies a perfectly even cook and amazing flavor. They’re super easy to clean, store, and will last you forever. They’re also incredibly beautiful and charming.

Make it through these muddy weeks by firing up the grill and looking ahead to summer. Master your favorite recipes now to be in full-swing when the warmer months hit. Happy (and safe) grilling!

What are some of your favorite things to grill up? Share below!

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