It’s time to hit the outdoors! Whether you’re gearing up for the backcountry, car camping, or setting up a tent in the backyard, we have got you covered.

When it comes to choosing my meals for the outdoors, I go for something with little cleanup that is packed with protein and nutrients. I also avoid added sugar so I can keep my energy level pretty steady. Natural sugars found in dried fruit are the kind of sugars I go for.


Monique in Jackson Hole, WY, Sept 2015



Probars work pretty great for me. They have a ton of flavors to choose from and they’re packed with calories — these bars are essentially a meal replacement. They’re great for a quick breakfast and the only clean up is putting your wrapper in your trash bag. If you want a lower calorie bar, you should try Luna bars. Most are under 200cal and have around 11g of sugar — they also have low-glycemic options. These are a great afternoon snack to keep your energy going.

Another favorite for me on the trail is jerky. Beef, turkey, pork jerky… all of it is awesome. This will give you the protein you need and replenish all the salt you’re losing in your sweat. Most jerky also has little to no fat — this makes it a great snack on and off the trail. It keeps you satisfied and is a great snack for any time of day.


Monique in Jackson Hole, WY, Sept 2015

What is the snack that takes the most prep time but is the easiest to have on the trail? That would be gorp (AKA trail mix). Gorp is super easy to grab a handful of and munch on as you trek along. You can add all sorts of nuts and seeds, your favorite cereal or granola, and all the dried fruit you want. I find I always need less gorp than I anticipate. You can add chocolate, but it will probably melt. Also, it can get pretty heavy, so only take what you know you will eat (about a cup a day for me).

If you’re into gel shots, we have tons of options from Clif. These have a questionable texture, but that’s just the nature of a gel shot. They can give you a quick burst of energy and replenish your electrolytes and sugars pretty quickly. They’re great for any afternoon boost before you reach your campsite.

What are some of your favorite foods to bring on the trail? Stay safe and enjoy the outdoors!

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