The days of a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich are long gone. With the influx of varietal nut butters at high end retailers, sandwich possibilities have become endless. Not to mention the smoothie, dessert, and yes, even dinner recipes. Nut butters are having a serious moment, and we’re not complaining. When purchasing, go for minimally processed […]

Have you been trying to kick caffeine? No need to explain yourself, we all have different reasons for giving up the stuff. Caffeinated drinks can cause headaches and insomnia in some people and can also exhaust your adrenal glands by forcing them to produce adrenaline. While this added energy boost might temporarily contribute to productivity, over time it can wear […]

You’ve seen ’em on Instagram, and if you’re reading this, we know you’ve “liked” ’em too. Who could say no to a perfectly symmetrical bowl of oats covered in coconuts shreds, roasted nuts, crunchy chia seeds, and piled high with fresh tropical fruit? There’s something seriously satisfying about sitting down to enjoy a well crafted meal. […]

I don’t know about you, but the seasonal temperature change really does a number on my skin. I can’t stand the itchy dryness that comes with Wintertime, so I’ve made it my mission to find the best ways to naturally soothe my skin. I’ve narrowed down 3 questions to ask yourself before choosing skincare products […]

The season of giving is upon us. Now it’s our turn to say thank you to our amazing customers and friends by giving away a gift package filled with all of our favorite treats. After all, who doesn’t love receiving a package during the holidays? In order to enter, you must follow @Wholeshare on Twitter, […]

Filling the pantry with healthy staples that you can rely on to keep you and your family healthy is important, but it’s a task that is not always easy. With so many options on the market that claim to be “must-haves” and that demand the attention of little eyes and taste buds, the process of […]

You are cordially invited to join The Wholeshare Community, our private community on Facebook! Join thoughtful conversations Discuss best practices & challenges Share photos, recipes, & articles Stay current on topics in health & wellness As the Wholeshare community built itself over the past five years, it became clear that the Wholeshare experience expanded beyond buying […]

We are pleased to announce that over ten thousand NEW grocery and wellness products are now available through our latest vendor, Honest Green Pantry! We’re sure you’re already familiar with good ‘ole Honest Green Wellness, but you are certainly in for a treat with the influx of thousands of healthy snack foods, wellness items, and sustainable household brands available […]