The days of a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich are long gone. With the influx of varietal nut butters at high end retailers, sandwich possibilities have become endless. Not to mention the smoothie, dessert, and yes, even dinner recipes. Nut butters are having a serious moment, and we’re not complaining. When purchasing, go for minimally processed […]

We all know healthy food can be expensive, and is often hard to find. The good news is that shopping for your family on a budget and eating well don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The healthy food movement has introduced many new and innovative ways for people to access high quality food at budget-friendly […]

Wholeshare is committed to making healthy living affordable to all through our online platform. Beyond the services we provide to our community of conscious consumers, we also hope to inspire and support the positive choices you are making in your everyday lives. Whether your efforts in the environmental movement are big or small, we encourage them as a company and more importantly, we appreciate them as fellow human beings. By making the choice to decrease your carbon footprint, you are actively helping to reduce the impact of climate change as well as protecting the planet’s natural graces.

Lately, I’ve noticed myself craving the cozy feeling that Fall brings. My rhythms must be in tune with the changing seasons, because the sun continues to shine like summer uninterruptedly in California. A turn in seasons presents the perfect opportunity to assess old patterns and reignite balance in your life. Making a few small changes to […]

If you are like most Americans, you love your snack food. Americans spend about $60 billion a year on processed snacks. Snack food manufacturers have developed the perfect combination of salt, sugar, fat along with artificial flavors and enhancers like MSG to keep you coming back for more. Refined sugar has been accused of being […]

This is part II of a two part interview with Myles Chaser, the produce buyer at Four Seasons Produce. Check out Part I of Why Does the Cost of Produce Fluctuate so Much here. What are some industry terms that consumers should know about?  For example, what does FCY mean? It literally means “fancy”. When […]

We recently spoke with Myles Chaser, the produce buyer at Four Seasons Produce Inc., to answer some of the questions we come across on a daily basis at Wholeshare. Myles had a wealth of information to share with us and we are excited to share his insights with you.  Why is organic produce more expensive than conventionally […]