What does your favorite homemade popcorn say about you? We asked this question to the folks on the support team at Wholeshare and decided to share our favorites with you. And, for the record, the responses to this questions lead to some seriously passionate responses. When it comes to our favorite homemade popcorn, we mean […]

You’ve seen ’em on Instagram, and if you’re reading this, we know you’ve “liked” ’em too. Who could say no to a perfectly symmetrical bowl of oats covered in coconuts shreds, roasted nuts, crunchy chia seeds, and piled high with fresh tropical fruit? There’s something seriously satisfying about sitting down to enjoy a well crafted meal. […]

We’re so excited to welcome the feeling of Fall into our homes. Who wouldn’t be excited about the hearty vegetables, warm and spicy drinks, pumpkin pies, and general coziness that the season shares with us? Since we launched with Honest Green Pantry this past summer, we have been happy to introduce many more wholesome products to support […]

Filling the pantry with healthy staples that you can rely on to keep you and your family healthy is important, but it’s a task that is not always easy. With so many options on the market that claim to be “must-haves” and that demand the attention of little eyes and taste buds, the process of […]

We are pleased to announce that over ten thousand NEW grocery and wellness products are now available through our latest vendor, Honest Green Pantry! We’re sure you’re already familiar with good ‘ole Honest Green Wellness, but you are certainly in for a treat with the influx of thousands of healthy snack foods, wellness items, and sustainable household brands available […]

In our Health Benefits of Fermented Foods article we told you about the positive effects that fermented foods can have on your body. Research has show that adopting a few fermented snack habits can help to restore balance in the gut and even alleviate distress in the body. We thought we’d highlight a few of our favorite fermented items available […]

Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices you have when buying a product nowadays? How can we possibly know what’s best without a ton of research? One thing we do know, is that we have a ton of goodies to offer you on Wholeshare, so occasionally we like to highlight brands and categories you may not […]