Have you been trying to kick caffeine? No need to explain yourself, we all have different reasons for giving up the stuff. Caffeinated drinks can cause headaches and insomnia in some people and can also exhaust your adrenal glands by forcing them to produce adrenaline. While this added energy boost might temporarily contribute to productivity, over time it can wear […]

  “Sweet is the first taste humans prefer from birth,” says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, a dietitian and American Dietetic Association (ADA) spokeswoman. If you’re reading this piece, this probably doesn’t surprise you. Susan Moores, MS, RD, a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant explains further that the taste of sugar releases endorphins that provide a natural high. […]

DIY projects do two things for me: save money and provide lots of fun and entertainment. These are two things most people are more than willing to sign up for. This week we wanted to share 3 DIY projects with you that will be good for your wallet, the planet, and your body. Let’s get […]

You’ve seen ’em on Instagram, and if you’re reading this, we know you’ve “liked” ’em too. Who could say no to a perfectly symmetrical bowl of oats covered in coconuts shreds, roasted nuts, crunchy chia seeds, and piled high with fresh tropical fruit? There’s something seriously satisfying about sitting down to enjoy a well crafted meal. […]

I don’t know about you, but the seasonal temperature change really does a number on my skin. I can’t stand the itchy dryness that comes with Wintertime, so I’ve made it my mission to find the best ways to naturally soothe my skin. I’ve narrowed down 3 questions to ask yourself before choosing skincare products […]

Every New Year we are blasted with information about resolutions and making this year “the best one yet.” Quite truthfully, we should be setting goals and resolutions all year round and focusing on being happy in the present. There is always room for improvement, and we shouldn’t think the only time to make those improvements […]

  It has been an exciting year at Wholeshare! In May 2015, the Wholeshare team traveled to Upstate New York for a company meet up and mini coordinator tour, visiting the surrounding coordinators and participating in distributions. We launched our nationwide seller, Honest Green Pantry, that enabled new groups to have access to affordable, sustainable food […]

The holiday season is a great time to give to others, and especially those in your community. This year, we handpicked a few Wholeshare items to include in winter care kits to giveaway to community members in need. These products all fit easily in a reusable water bottle, grocery bag, or even a large sock! Get some friends together, […]