The days of a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich are long gone. With the influx of varietal nut butters at high end retailers, sandwich possibilities have become endless. Not to mention the smoothie, dessert, and yes, even dinner recipes. Nut butters are having a serious moment, and we’re not complaining. When purchasing, go for minimally processed […]

Granola is addicting. The only issue – sometimes it’s not the healthiest option. One way you can go for a handful of granola, guilt-free, is when you make it yourself. To start, homemade granola is delicious. You also cut out or reduce the things that make the store bought stuff calorie packed: preservatives, sugar, and saturated fat. It’s […]

DIY projects do two things for me: save money and provide lots of fun and entertainment. These are two things most people are more than willing to sign up for. This week we wanted to share 3 DIY projects with you that will be good for your wallet, the planet, and your body. Let’s get […]

Every New Year we are blasted with information about resolutions and making this year “the best one yet.” Quite truthfully, we should be setting goals and resolutions all year round and focusing on being happy in the present. There is always room for improvement, and we shouldn’t think the only time to make those improvements […]

Have you been interested in making your own almond milk? If you’ve been apprehensive to try, this recipe from The Dabblist is perfect for you. All steps are broken down simply for chefs of all levels. Once you master this almond milk recipe, you’ll have the, chops, to make any type of nut milk you’d […]